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Download Audio Hijack 3.5.1

Audio Hijack 3.5.1

By Rogue Amoeba  (Free)
User Rating

Audio Hijack (was Audio Hijack Pro) is an audio-recording tool that can capture any audio from applications like Skype and iTunes. It can also record from microphones or any other source that runs through your Mac.

The user interface, not too dissimilar to iTunes, is clean and simple, featuring two-panes from where you can capture audio from the usual applications like Skype, iTunes, iChat and QuickTime Player. In the pane situated on the right of your screen you can configure an array of settings, which include recording schedules, tags and a large selection of sound effects.

One handy feature that will appeal to most people is the one-touch recording feature for iChat and Skype conversations. Although you can't edit audio using Audio Hijack, you'll certainly to be able to capture audio from multiple sources quickly and easily, making this an excellent audio-recording application.

Title: Audio Hijack 3.5.1
Filename: AudioHijack.zip
File size: 15.68MB (16,445,692 bytes)
Requirements: Mac OS X
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Free
Date added: July 12, 2018
Author: Rogue Amoeba
MD5 Checksum: 468C55E80D5E6E01249DE25E0905BF87

Critical Bug Fix: The Broadcast block now properly sends track titles to all server types, including Shoutcast 1.
Critical Bug Fix: The Broadcast block's support for Icecast 2 servers has been adjusted and improved, to work better with hosts including Spreaker.com, Live 365, and more.
Enhancement: The Broadcast block now properly supports fully manual track title information (in addition to automatic track titles pulled from supported sources). Text entered in the “Title Format” field will now be properly embedded in the stream for listeners to see, so broadcasters can manually add now playing information on the fly.
Enhancement: A default station name is now provided by the Broadcast block, based on the logged-in user's name.
Enhancement: The Broadcast block's “Track Titles” source can now be reset, by selecting the “No Source” option.
Enhancement: When album artwork data is available, the Broadcast block now properly sends it to Shoutcast 2 servers. Shoutcast 1 and Icecast 2 servers don't support album artwork.
Bug Fix: The Input Switch block is now correctly initialized with the “A” source active.
Bug Fix: The “Host Name” field in the Broadcast block has been renamed to “Server Address”, to reduce confusion.
Bug Fix: The Broadcast block's Station Logo field is now hidden when not streaming to a Shoutcast 2 server, as other server types don't support receiving station artwork.
Other: A separate “Broadcast” log has been added to Audio Hijack's Debugging window.
Other: Due to issues with problematic servers, the Broadcast block's “Auto Detect” option for Server Type has been removed. Existing setups will be switched to a fixed server type; users should verify this change.